Rekindling relationships through audio….

valentine2009_s.jpgChloe has been teaching the Principles of Relationship in our ONLINE classroom these past two weeks. It has been wonderful taking this class in small sections. I find it much easier to absorb and integrate this huge amount of information. We are also offering retakers an option to take the course via audio recordings. They listen to the recordings right after the class and do the practice assignments. They send those session notes and questions to me and I have an opportunity to connect with each of them frequently. I also respond to their questions and sometimes Chloe answers them in the next class.

I have known some of these re-takers for over a decade! Where does time go? Many of them have not taken this class in several years. As they send in their session notes I am getting to know each of them more deeply as they share their own transformation with me. It has been wonderful reconnecting and they also feel connected to the group, Chloe and me. It is the same experience I have when teaching my students in the seminars.

In person classes are how most of us have experienced resonance repatterning trainings. I am always available to travel and teach in person classes yet at this time I don’t have any organizer/partners. If you want to co-ordinate a series in your area please let me know! The reality is we are being challenged to think outside the traditional box as fewer in- person classes are being scheduled. People are busier than ever and weekend’s are precious. Travel is expensive and stressful. Hotels & eating out most of the time is expensive. Not everyone is able to get to a seminar.  So how do we connect? Carolyn and I have been offering the option of online classes with small groups for over 2 years and the students are really enjoying their experiences. Taking the training in 3.5 hr. segments stretched over weeks is convenient and allows students time to practice and integrate the material. They feel connected to me, Carolyn and each other in an intimate setting, from the comfort of their own home

With this current experience we know that all of this can happen through listening to the audio recordings of the classes as well. What a wonderful option for re-takers. You can sign up for the course and over a couple of weeks you will listen to all of it, do your practice assignments at your own pace, send them in for review, get your questions answered and upon completion earn your CEU’s from the RPA. In Resonance Repatterning we teach that at our core we are all connected. Teaching online and via audio recordings we are putting this theory into action. Just as you do with telephone sessions or proxy sessions. If we are all connected it doesn’t matter what technical vehicle we use for that connection to be realized. They all work. Giving someone focused attention through your actual presence, internet presence, audio recordings, phone presence or purely energetic presence is all essentially the same. Connection is connection.

We are planning to offer this option from now on. If you need a class for your ceu requirements this year please consider either retaking live ONLINE with us or consider the audio recording option. What a novel idea!


About Ardis Ozborn

I teach Resonance Repatterning seminars throughout the world. I also offer an interactive group dynamic called Journeys with Oz.
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