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Spiral Up! with Chloe Faith Wordsworth

SPIRAL UP! With CHLOE FAITH WORDSWORTH, the creator of the Resonance Repatterning system.  Resonance repatterning is a system of healing that can be done effectively at every skill level and like improvisational jazz can go where least expected to create extraordinary … Continue reading

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The Importance of Optimism to healing…

This is a wonderful explanation of energy and healing from an interview with Bruce Lipton. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist from Stanford University known for his research on cells. His book “The Biology of Belief” is a must … Continue reading

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Lajja’s story (From Feral to sweet loving House Kitty – with Spunk)

The year was 2008, more precisely June 2008. I had just returned from a lovely trip to California and I had one goal in mind: To resume my Resonance Repatterning studies through applying myself in developing and deepening my skills … Continue reading

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What is Resonance Repatterning? A few things to know…

A Guest Post by Carolyn Winter, Online Coordinator at http://www.Ozardis.com Updated from Original Post by Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach on August 31, 2010   A quantum physics principle is that everything vibrates and every thing has the potential to shift the energy for something … Continue reading

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